Dr. Simmons
Dr. Simmons
Graham Jarvis as Dr. Simmons.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Hypnotist, Graduate of the El Segundo Institue of Hypnosis
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "The TV Addict"' in Season 5
Character played by: Graham Jarvis
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Dr. Simmons was a hypnotist enlisted by Lamont to cure Fred of his TV addiction in the episode titled "The TV Addict" in Season 5 of Sanford and Son. The part of Dr. Simmons was played by veteran character actor Graham Jarvis, who is perhaps best known for his role as neighbor Charlie Haggers on another Norman Lear sitcom, the short lived, syndicated series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

About Dr. SimmonsEdit

Fred, upon his first meeting with Dr. Simmons, who was not sold on him, was not exactly impressed, telling Lamont to "Send this swami back to Capistrano!" Simmons,however, determined he could help Fred cut down on his TV viewing, is easily able to prove that Fred is an easy subject, by quickly hypnotizing him, with the command that every time he thinks about watching TV, or reads a TV Guide, he would get very hot, which is exactly what happened, resulting in Fred pouring a pitcher of ice-cold water over himself in his "long-draws", while feverishly tearing apart his TV Guide, trying to thumb through if for what was on TV that night! After Dr. Simmons de-hypnotizes him, Fred, still not sold on him, and not realizing he was hypnotized, quickly says "Man, get out of my house with that old hypnosis jazz!"