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Davis was a career criminal and the mastermind of a robbery of $1,000,000 in diamonds from a Honolulu bank in the episodes of Sanford and Son titled The Hawaiian Connection. In the three episodes, Davis, along with co-conspirator Willis (played by Greg Morris of Mission: Impossible TV series fame), who was raised in South Central L.A. and is accquainted with Fred and Lamont, and lovely red headed moll Gladys (Barbara Rhoades), try to dupe Lamont and Fred into helping them smuggle the diamonds off of the island, with the intent of killing them afterwards; their plot is thwarted, however, by the Hawaii Five-O, whose Commander (played by James Gregory of Barney Miller TV series fame) had been staking the trio out since Fred and Lamont arrived on the island.

The Five-O, with the cooperation of the Sanfords, are able to apprehend Davis and their cohorts, but could not retrieve the diamonds, which Fred and Lamont unknowingly had in their suitcase, which, on the flight back to L.A., had mixed up with a Japanese-American photographer's suitcase, which the photographer, who had their suitcase was able to give back to them in Los Angeles! Fred and Lamont were able to were able to give the diamonds to the LAPD through Officer "Hoppy" Hopkins and his temporary partner Percy (Pat Paulsen). -