Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson, Woody and Esther's adopted son, appears in season six of "Sanford and Son".
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Atheistic adopted son of Aunt Esther and Woody Anderson
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Esther Anderson (adoptive mother)
Woodrow "Woody" Anderson (adoptive father)
Cliff Anderson (presumably adoptive brother)
Lamont Sanford (cousin)
Fred Sanford (uncle)
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: 12 appearances in Seasons 6-7, beginning with "Aunt Esther Has a Baby" (Season 6, episode #12)
Character played by: Eric Laneuville
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Daniel Anderson was the one-time Atheistic, wayward orphaned teen whom the Andersons, Woodrow "Woody" Anderson and Esther, adopt in season six. Played by Eric Laneuville, In the episode "Aunt Esther Has a Baby" (Season 6, episode #12), Daniel almost risks being sent back to the adoption agency when he steals a hammer from Woodrow's hardware store, then reveals to Esther and Woodrow that he did not believe in God, much to her chagrin, but still winds up getting adopted by the Andersons when Esther is able to forgive Daniel, and give him a reason to believe in a higher power again.

Daniel also appears in the episode titled "The Will" (Season 6, episode #21) in season 6. In the 1980 spinoff series Sanford, However, the very mention of his adoption is completely ignored, when another son, played by Clinton Derricks-Carroll is introduced as Aunt Esther's son Cliff Anderson.