Cousin Grady
Fred and Cousin Grady
Cousin Grady (Albert Reed) influences Fred to try to persuade Lamont into marrying his new overweight stepdaughter Betty Jean in order to collect on a $10,000 dowry left by her dead father in the Season 2 episode "The Dowry".
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Fred's cousin who visits with his new wife and overweight stepdaughter
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "The Dowry" in Season 2
Character played by: Albert Reed, Jr.
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Fred's Cousin Grady appeared in the Season 2 episode "The Dowry". The part of Cousin Grady was portrayed by Albert Reed, Jr..

About Grady Edit

When Fred's cousin Grady pays a visit, accompanied by his new wife Margaret (Marguerite Ray) and overweight stepdaughter Betty Jean (Gladys Perry). Betty Jean, stands to receive a $10,000 cash dowry on the day after her wedding day from her deceased father, and Grady, tries to influence Fred, who starts to see dollar signs at the news, to persuade an very uninterested Lamont to wed her.

In greeting his cousin and his new family, Fred gleefully offers, "Grady, Grady, always shady!", and then Grady responds, "Fred, Fred, ol' cabbage head!" Then Grady responds "Gimme five to stay alive!", with Fred finishing, "How about two, 'til Lou gets through!"

When Grady shows Fred a picture of his new wife's sisters, and sees that they are all, like Margaret, are all svelte and lovely looking, Fred asks Grady, "Well, if your wife and her sisters, are all pretty, well, (stammering at his words) why is your stepdaughter ... well ... so ..." Grady finishes his question by guessing what he was trying to say in describing his daugther-in-law by finishing "Large...Plump...Fat!"

When Lamont, who figured out Fred's scheme, thwarts his plans to collect the dowry money, Grady, upon leaving the Sanford residence, says to Fred "Fred, Fred, the plan is dead!" Fred responds, "Grady, Grady, go join your Lady!"