"Committee Man"
Season Six, Episode ##8
Number (#119) in series (136 episodes)
Air date November 12, 1976
Network NBC-TV
Production code 608
Written by Garry Shandling wirh Ray Galton & Alan Simpson
Directed by Chuck Liotta
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"I Dream of Choo-Choo Rabinowitz" "Fred's Extra Job"

Committee Man was the 119th overall episode of Sanford and Son. Also the eighth episode of Season Six, it first aired on NBC-TV on November 12, 1976.

Episode synopsisEdit

Soon after Fred is appointed to serve on a mayor's committee he is sought out by a slumlord offering a bribe for political favors.

Episode summaryEdit

Fred is thrilled when the mayor appoints him to the Watts Community Relations Committee. No sooner has he accepted the post than Fred is approached with a bribe to push through legislation for a new housing project. Will Fred's greed win out over his civic duty, or will he surprise everyone onscreen and in the viewing audience?

Note: Ronnie Schell makes a guest appearance as Mr. Wilkins. Edward Andrews makes a guest appearance as Sam Jordan. Fritzi Burr makes a guest appearance as Mrs. Channing. Sosimo Hernandez, who appeared with Redd Foxx in the film Norman, Is That You? makes a second and final appearance as Mr. Rodriguez.

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