"Coffins for Sale"
Season One, Episode ##9
Number (#9) in series (136 episodes)
Air date March 10, 1972
Network NBC-TV
Production code 109
Written by Aaron Ruben
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
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"The Great Sanford Siege" "The Barracuda"

The Great Sanford Siege was the eighth episode of Sanford and Son. It premiered March 10, 1972. Based on "The Wooden Overcoats" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.


Lamont once again hatches a get-rich-quick scheme. This time, he purchases two coffins from a bankrupt undertaker, and temporarily stores them in the Sanford's living room, intending to parlay these items into a profitable funeral-supply business. Alas, Fred, who is incredibly superstitious, and is so unnerved by the presence of the coffins that he ends up sleeping in the back of his truck. This leaves Lamont all alone in the bedroom -- and before long, his imagination begins to run riot. Redd Foxx's former vaudeville partner Slappy White makes the first of several appearances in the role of Melvin White, Fred's TV watching buddy, on the series.

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