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Cissy Lewis
Suzanne Stone Cissy
Cissy Lewis is Eve Lewis' daughter on the Sanford TV series during the show's first season.
Vital Information
Gender: Female
College student
Daughter of Evelyn "Eve" Lewis, Fred's new girlfriend/fiancée on series
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Evelyn Lewis (mother)
Winston Edwards (uncle)
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford
Episodes appeared in: 14 episodes
Character played by: Suzanne Stone
Sanford and Son retro Wiki Script

Cissy Lewis was the daughter of Evelyn "Eve" LewisFred's new girlfriend in Season 1 of the Sanford TV series. The part of Cissy was played by actress and voice over performer Suzanne Stone, who would also later have a recurring role as Roberta on ABC-TV's Nine to Five sitcom series, and The Royal Family, which co-starred Redd Foxx and Della Reese.  

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