Cathy Cooper
Cathy Cooper Sanford and Son
Cathy Cooper appearing as Mrs. Williams, woman in dating agency Fred and Grady visits to find a date for Lamont in the episode titled "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" in Sesason 4 of "Sanford and Son".
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Gender: Female
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Sanford/Sanford and son
Character(s) played: Clara (Sanford)
Ms. Williams/Church sister(Sanford and Son)
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Cathy Cooper appeared as Clara, the maid of Evelyn Lewis (Marguerite Ray), Fred Sanford's wealthy, widowed girlfriend in the Sanford and Son spinoff series Sanford. credited for 14 episodes of its first season, she appeared in nine. Cathy also appeared in three episodes of Sanford and Son various roles, as Ms. Williams, a dating agency clerk in Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Season 4, Episode #2), and as one of Aunt Esther's church sisters in the episode Aunt Esther Meets Her Son (Season 6, Episode #12), Cathy made her first Hollywood vehicle appearance in the 1954 comedy/musical film Handle With Care, where she appeared with Sanford and Son supporting cast members Leroy & Skillet. She also appeared in the 1982 comedy film Rude which starred standup comedian/actor Rudy Ray "Dolemite" Moore.