Cal Pettie
Dennis Burkey Sanford
Dennis Burkley played the part of Cal Pettie, a friend of Lamont's who worked with him on the Alaska pipeline, sent to visit Fred on the NBC-TV spinoff series Sanford.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Birthname Calvin Pettie
Born: Texas
Rather portly and jovial friend of Lamont who worked with him on the Alaska Piplene, who Lamont sends to check up on and visit Fred, who he also become friends with, as well as a minority partner with in the "Sanford and Son" junk business
Family and Personal Information
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: 24 episodes
Character played by: Dennis Burkley
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Cal Pettie was a friend of Lamont's who worked with him on the Alaska Pipeline who was dispatched by Lamont, who was still working in Alaska, to visit and look after Fred on the NBC spinoff series Sanford. At the time of their meeting, Cal was a truck driver who was looking for better work who then buys into the Sanford and Son business after lodging at the Sanford Arms for a few days. Cal, an obese, burly man, who hails originally from Texas, is portrayed as having a generally optimistic outlook on life, a really upbeat attitude and jovial demeanor, with a witty sense of humor, not to mention a hearty appetite, which Fred always chides Cal about. Cal was played by character actor Dennis Burkley, also a native Texan, like Cal. By the second season, the two become good friends on the series.