Bubba Bexley
Don Bexley

Don Bexley appeared as Bubba Bexley in the series, and for eight episodes of "The Sanford Arms" spinoff.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Best friends, along with Grady Wilson, of Fred Sanford who is often the butt of his jokes, and sometimes rival and drinking buddy
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Alberta (niece)
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: 48 episodes from Seasons 2-6
Character played by: Don Bexley
Sanford and Son retro Wiki Script

Bubba Bexley, along with Grady Wilson was one of Fred Sanford's two best friends on the Sanford and Son series, appearing frequently on the show throughout its run on NBC. Bubba, who was sometimes portrayed as somewhat dim-witted, but loyal as Fred's friend, is known for his infectious belly-laugh and jovial persona. Bubba was primarily used as a straight man to set up punchlines for Fred, who often used him as the butt of his barbs. His loud greeting of "Hey Fred!" often drove Fred and Lamont crazy. His function in several episodes is to encourage Fred into get-rich-quick schemes, as when he encourages Fred to fake having whiplash after he is hit by a white man in a Cadillac while driving the truck in the second season episode "Whiplash" (Season 2, episode #2, 1972), and Fred's scheme to get out of having to pay taxes by opening a church of "Junkists" as in the episode "Rev. Sanford" (Season 6, episode #18, 1977). Bubba was played by Don Bexley for 43 episodes of the series, and for eight episodes of the failed spin-off series The Sanford Arms in the fall of 1977.