"Blood Is Thicker Than Junk"
Season Two, Episode ##10
Number (#24) in series (136 episodes)
Air date November 24, 1972
Network NBC-TV
Production code 202
Written by Allan Katz & Don Reo
Directed by Peter Baldwin
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Blood Is Thicker Than Junk was the 24th episode of Sanford and Son. Also the 10th episode of the series' second season, it premiered November 17, 1972.


After a nasty spat Sanford and Son split up. Fred hires a new man, named Norman Blood (Roger E. Mosley, later of Magnum P.I. TV series fame) to replace Lamont, who signs on to work with a competing junk dealer, Mr. Baxtrum. However, when things doesn't go smoothly with Fred, who is left all day and evening wondering where the somewhat dim-witted, but brawny Norman returns after being gone all day. He later returns with a stuffed bear, which he called a "Watch Bear"! The same can be said for Lamont, who, after being severely overworked (he supposedly had two guys who worked under him!) at the Baxtrum yard, calls him to let him know that went home to take a dinner break; apparently Baxtrum had some choice unpleasant words for Lamont, who then answers "Well, you're a white one!" before hanging up on him! Meanwhile, when Norman finally returns with the bear he bought, Fred threatens him, charging him "Man, if you don't get me back that money you spent for that bear, I'm gonna take this crowbar (which he had in hand) and peel your head!" After overhearing this, Lamont, who poses as if he is still on the phone with Baxtrum discussing business, hangs up the phone, and offers to quit the job in the Baxtrum junkyard, and return to the fold as part of Sanford and Son.

Fred and Lamont manage to make up, and Lamont returns to working as Sanford and SOn Salvage, but angry Norman still loudly asks to get paid, saying "Man, where's my bread!" Fred then goes into the kitchen and hands Norman, who is waiting out in the yard, several loaves of bread through the door and says, "Here's your bread!" Norman then waves him off and leaves!

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