Al Williams
Al Williams
Al Williams appeared as himself on ;;Sanford and Son in the episode "The Stand In".
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Born: ????
Tap dancer, nightclub performer
Family/Personal information
Character/series involvement
Appeared on/
Involved with:
Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: "The Stand In" in Season 5
Character(s) played: Himself (Al)
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Al Williams appeared as Al (himself), a tap dancer and one half of "The Zanies", a traveling song and dance troupe and old friend of Fred who, along with Scatman Crothers (as Bowlegs) appeared on Sanford and Son  in the episode titled "The Stand In" in Season 5 of the Series. 

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In "The Stand in", Al injures his hip while tap dancing in the Sanford living room; Fred, who felt indebted to Bowlegs, who he mistakenly credited for introducing him to his late wife Elizabeth, insists that he and Lamont, who knows how to tap dance, sub in for the injured Al for their next nightclub performance, who wound up being laid up in bed in the Sanford home for two weeks!

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