Ah Chew
Ah Chew
Ah Chew was played by comedic/character actor Pat Morita in seasons 4 and 5.
Vital Information
Gender: Male
Ethnicity Asian/Japanese-American
Chef/Short order cook
Family and Personal Information
Related to: Not mentioned in series
Character information
Appeared on: Sanford and Son
Episodes appeared in: Six in Seasons 5 & 6
Character played by: Pat Morita
Sanford and Son retro Wiki Script

Ah Chew was one of Lamont's friends, who Fred often insults at almost every oppurtunity. character actor Pat Morita, best known for his roles as Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid films, and his part as Arnold on the hit 1970's ABC-TV series Happy Days, played the part of Ah Chew in seasons 4 and 5, first appearing in the episode titled There'll Be Some Changes Made (Season 5, episode #4).

Morita himself appeared in a total of seven episodes in all, six as Ah Chew, and one as the daffy Colonel Hiokawa in the episode Sergeant Gork (Season 5, episode #23, also Morita's last appearance on the show) Where Fred started telling a false story about being a master intelligence officer in Germany in WWII. As for Ah Chew, Fred eventually warms up to him when he and Lamont learns of culinary talents, and after eating dinner with him in the episode titled Sanford and Rising Son (Season 5, episode #10) Fred and Ah Chew go into business together, operating at first a take out that becomes a dine in Japanese restaurant from the Sanford home, until a city health inspector closes them down.