"A Pad for Lamont"
Season One, Episode ##7
Number (#7) in series (136 episodes)
Air date February 25, 1972
Network NBC-TV
Production code 107
Written by Aaron Ruben
Directed by Bob LaHendro
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"We Were Robbed" "The Great Sanford Siege"

A Pad for Lamont was the seventh episode of Sanford and Son. It premiered February 25, 1972. Based on "A Box in Town" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.


Fed up with his father frustrating his love life when Fred shatters a tender romantic liason between him and  his latest date, Darleen (Judyann Elder), Lamont strikes out on his own and rents a swingin' bachelor pad. in downtown L.A., Lamont sits back and waits for a crowd of young ladies to beat a path to his door. But, as things turn out, Lamont winds up disappointed, when the landlady, who has a strict policy of "no guests of the opposite sex after 11 P.M.", also frustrates another hard-fixed date with Darleen, as he winds up returning to the junkyard, eating humble pie!

Note: Lynn Hamilton, who would later in the season join the cast as Fred's date and future fiancee, Donna Harris, makes her first appearance on the series as Lamont's landlady in the episode.

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